Words from Thierry Zylberberg, President of the Healthcare Data Institute

février 18, 2015 | Thierry Zylberberg

Big data is poised to be a key resource across all industry sectors in the coming years.  This is particularly the case for the healthcare sector, which is currently undergoing a significant digital transformation.

Intelligent data analytics are essential for the exploitation of raw data.   The potential value and benefits of leveraging data for the healthcare industry are considerable.  To unlock this value, ideas need to be structured and supported in order to facilitate and accelerate the development of innovative solutions.  Such innovations, in the not so distant future, will transform healthcare systems to the benefit of patients and their caregivers.

To this end, Orange Healthcare led the creation of the Healthcare Data Institute. The Institute enables members, key players from across the healthcare industry, to collectively generate new ideas, co-develop big data strategies, and to raise awareness around the benefits of big data in healthcare.

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to preface this inaugural newsletter of the Healthcare Data Institute.  The benefits of collective wisdom can never be discounted, and the work of the Institute’s members is certain to open up a new era of collaborative thinking around big data in healthcare.


Thierry Zylberberg
President of the Healthcare Data Institute.
Director, Orange Healthcare.