Big Data, desperately seeking Big Talents

février 17, 2016 | Sébastien Stoitzner - Gensearch Consulting.

All healthcare stakeholders today, are forced to change in order ensure the systems’ sustainability. Taking into account the human dimension of new technologies and their link to “Big Data” (whatever that means) is crucial for success.

The value of data mainly comes from human intelligence. It helps to define what data is relevant, what methods are used to collect the data while applying data analytics to create efficiency within the care system.

The question arises of the need to define non-standard profiles to able to support all stakeholders in their transformation, as well as benchmarking the skills and associated performances.

As international talent acquisition and management consultants, we operate from a broad and yet precise viewing platform. This allows us to have an open-plan vision of a market, which tends to work in silos and in a manner which no longer responds to the needs identified. We are therefore are able to understand the different silos’ operating modes, the skills available and to imagine bridges between the two.

In addition to executive search activities, we have also made the decision to share this information and link the different worlds through our “Life Science Talks” events, a forum for thinking, sharing and networking on current healthcare topics. We then create a white paper from the content of these events: in 2014 “Healthcare: from product to solutions” and in 2015 “Health outcomes: Fad or Future”.

We are delighted to be joining the Healthcare Data Institute, bringing our broad cross-sector vision in order to work on creating bridges between the different life science industries. Therefore, we are able to build capability and performance frameworks as well as appropriate assessment tools and contribute to the transformation of these organisations.

Sébastien STOITZNER Chief Executive Officer Gensearch Consulting.
Sébastien is a member of the Healthcare Data Institute.