Innovate for our customers !

avril 30, 2019 | Vincent Perrin, Customer Strategy Director, Janssen - Johnson & Johnson

Expectations and needs of healthcare professionals and patients are evolving. To support them as best as possible, Janssen France has been working on its digital transformation for the past two years: by taking advantage today of all the opportunities offered by the evolution of the ecosystem, we are reinventing our interactions with our customers and offering them more value. This ambition of deep transformation of our company is now being moving forward thanks to the creation of both a « Digital and Data Center of Excellence” and a “Services & Solutions department”.

The core mission of this Center of Excellence is to accelerate integration of technologies and their new applications to set up a new model for omnichannel interactions with our customers. Our roadmap for the next three years will allow us to reinvent the experience of our customers through the implementation an omnichannel conversation.

Campaigns will no longer be created in silo but planned and automated across all channels.


In addition, the creation of a data lake and investment in Data Science will help us create a personalized relationship with each healthcare professional (HCP), considering their channel preferences and taking into account their needs.

In the other side, Solutions and Services Department is responsible for developing innovative solutions for HCP that make the patients’ pathways more fluid. These innovative solutions will be designed to optimize hospital pathway, to ensure better follow-up of patients and to facilitate patients information management. A “Factory”, Janssen’s new internal incubator operating in agile mode, has been put in place at the beginning of the year to meet growing needs related to these challenges. We have also created a « User Experience Lab » to listen & deeply understand customer needs and co-create with them solutions that will really create value for them.

This transformation could not take place without employees benefiting from a vast acculturation and skills development program specific to each business line, covering all aspects of digital, data and agility: “Vox Digitali”.

Talking about digital transformation and data also means creating a dynamic on Artificial Intelligence for health.


2019 is the year when Janssen starts concretely to create its footprint in the AI ecosystem. It starts internally, with the creation of an internal AI squad , invited to share its experiences on an internal social network. And it continues externally, with new types of partnerships. One concrete action is 1st Janssen Datathon on Real-World Data generation (April 3rd and 4th) in partnership with start-up & high schools.

The world is definitely moving fast… and Janssen wants to lead this transformation. We do be humble and, in a same time, we are proud to participate to this fantastic journey. What we know is that we will never give up on what establish our purpose : Transform innovation to better serve our patients.