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Working groups

Members of the Healthcare Data Institute take part in autonomous working groups and use cases. Each group focuses on a specific topic related to Big Data and healthcare, and produces deliverables that are presented during our annual public event.

In 2015, a working group hosted by Isabelle Hilali (Orange Healthcare) – Thomas London (McKinsey&Company) released the first Healthcare Data Institute White Paper: Unlocking the full potential of data analytics for the benefit of all.

In 2016, the Big Data & Prevention working group co-chaired by Jeanne-Bossi Malafosse (JBM Avocat) and Pablo Prados (Sanofi) released the second Healthcare Data Institute White Paper: Big Data & Prevention: from Prediction to Demonstration.

In 2018,  a working group coordinated by Jean-Baptiste Fantun released the third Healthcare Data Institute White Paper: Social Networks and Healthcare : an issue for patient monitoring and scientific research

In 2019, two working groups have been launched. The « Valuation of hospital health data » group, coordinated by Ségolène Perin (Elsan) and Patrick Olivier (IVBAR) has produced a white paper: « Valuing hospital health data for patients ».

The other group, « How can a successful Health RN project succeed ? » was coordinated by Rémy Choquet (Roche) and Isabelle Hilali (Datacraft)

In 2020, two new working groups were launched. The « Health data skills » group was coordinated by Ségolène Perin (Elsan) and lead and survey to understand how healthcare stakeholders are trained in regards to health data.

The second group, « Covid-19 taskforce« , lead by Adel Medbarki (Kap Code) and Caroline Henry (Phase 4) published a list of 9 recommendations to optimize the use of data during the Covid-19 pandemic and improve our healthcare system.

In 2021, in light of the 2022 French presidential election, the Healthcare Data Institute created a working group tackling key topics around the use of health data in France: Health data for progress, sovereignty, competitiveness and democracy in health lead by Caroline Henry (Phase 4), Adel Mebarki (Kap Code), Thomas London (McKinsey) and Stéphane Sclison (IQVIA).

In 2022, the group « Participation of health establishments in the exploitation of their data in the context of evaluation and public health » was launched under the leadership of Rémy Choquet (Roche) and Mathieu Robain (Unicancer).

In 2023, two new groups were launched: « How far can data accompany the transformation of healthcare through AI? » under the leadership of Dedalus, Medtronic and Phase 4 and « The impact of climate change on health » under the leadership of Ekimetrics and Cegedim


If you are interested in joining a working group, contact us.