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Working groups

Members of the Healthcare Data Institute take part in autonomous working groups and use cases. Each group focuses on a specific topic related to Big Data and healthcare, and produces deliverables that are presented during our annual public event.

In 2015, a working group hosted by Isabelle Hilali (Orange Healthcare) – Thomas London (McKinsey&Company) released the first Healthcare Data Institute White Paper: Unlocking the full potential of data analytics for the benefit of all.

In 2016, the Big Data & Prevention working group co-chaired by Jeanne-Bossi Malafosse (JBM Avocat) and Pablo Prados (Sanofi) released the second Healthcare Data Institute White Paper: Big Data & Prevention: from Prediction to Demonstration.

Currently, the following groups are constituted:

1. Data and the Law “Cafés juridiques

Hosts: Caroline Henry (Pons & Carrère)
Deliverable: monthly sessions for HDI members

2. Leveraging innovations in data analytics to make regions healthier

Hosts: Nora Benhabiles (CEA) – Béatrice Falise Mirat (Medicen) – Charles Huot (Expert System)   
Deliverable: White paper

3. Use Case: Blockchain for better care

Host: David Manset (gnúbila)
Deliverables: Summary analysis & Recommendations

If you are interested in joining a working group, contact us.